The largest news portal for the health industry in Switzerland

Medinside serves over 500,000 health workers in Switzerland. The platform offers them not only up-to-the-minute news but also background reports from hospitals and medical practices about health policy, E-Health, human resources issues and the daily work routine. It is Medinside’s goal to enable health professionals to be up-to-date as quickly as possible: one glance and they know what’s going on in the industry.

Industry leader in only 3 years.

In just three years, Medinside has become by far the largest news platform for the health industry in Switzerland. The Medinside project brings together Deep Impact, the journalists Ralph Pöhner and Corinne Amacher, as well as publishing expert Sari Bauer.

Based on our own Spectra technology

Based upon our own Spectra technology, Medinside delivers a state-of-the-art CMS with diverse social functions, including following and commenting.

Deep Impact's role

Deep Impact is the main shareholder of Winsider Ltd.